I'm curious as to what makes you so curious.

I'm a lovable,kind-hearted geek with a blog dedicated to all the things I love and can't live without; Stephen King/Food/Comic books/Batman/Horror movies /Shakira/Harry Potter/Lana Del Rey/Vintage/ Fashion/ The Big Bang Theory/Philosophy/ Shakespeare/ Selena Gomez/Demi Lovato/American Horror Story/Jessica Lang/Francis Conroy/Star wars/Game of Thrones/redheads/paramore/Hayley Williams/flyleaf/God...ect... I despise pornography and do not follow or reblog as i do not want to see that trash clogging up my dash, i also hate liars,self-rightous assholes and above all bullying. If you took the time to check out my little world thank you very much and God Bless!
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